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Speech, language and voice therapy

Therapy focuses on learning ways to improve or compensate for the problem. If there is anything you can do at home to practice I will teach you how. I will provide you with feedback as we go, using visual or numeric measures whenever possible. I am also trained in LSVT to address the voice/speech issues common in Parkinson's disease.  

Myofascial release

Often voice and swallowing problems involve tightness of muscles and surrounding tissues. These issues can get worse over time if you are producing voice incorrectly, or especially if you had radiation treatment to your neck. I am certified in myofascial release, a specialized type of massage that treats this problem. It allows muscles to move like they are supposed to and allows you to swallow and produce your voice normally. 


Fiberoptic evaluation of swallowing 

Your swallowing can be assessed using a tiny camera to see the process in action. You will be able to see it yourself, with a full explanation of what is happening. I will perform this exam in the office. It does not require anesthesia and isn't as bad as it looks.

Electrical stimulation of swallowing

Electrical stimulation can often help strengthen your swallowing muscles faster than traditional swallowing exercises alone. I am certified in this approach and have been using it since 2006. I will choose the best approaches to improve your specific issue, keeping you as comfortable as possible while maximizing the effects of stimulation. 

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