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Gender-affirming voice therapy

Speech therapy can help with a unique issue affecting some transgender or nonbinary individuals.  If your voice doesn't reflect who you are, it can be stressful and frustrating.  Everyone deserves a voice, and yours should express your personality.  Trying to speak at a higher or lower pitch is not enough by itself.  It can lead to vocal fatigue and/or tension if you are using the wrong muscles to produce your new voice.  Speech patterns and where the sound resonates are also important aspects of your voice.  If you are having trouble achieving the voice you want, please contact me so we can discuss your goals.  

EVERY sexually active person is at risk for HPV-related cancer. Currently 60-70% of HPV-related cancer affects the mouth or throat, overtaking smoking-related cancer.  HPV causes 90% of anal and cervical cancer, 70% of vaginal cancer, and 60% of penile cancer.  (CDC, 2019)

Vaccines have been developed to prevent the most common types of HPV strains that cause cancer.  Initially they were tested and recommended for people aged 11-26 years, but it has been expanded for people up to age 45.  A series of 2-3 shots is necessary.  

As a speech therapist, I have been seeing younger people with oral/throat cancer.  Medical technology is progressing, but not as fast as the cancer rates.  The standard course of treatment can include surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.  The treatments themselves are necessary, but can significantly affect the ability to eat, drink, and speak.  Please consider getting the vaccine.  

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