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Why would I need a
speech therapist?

Talking and eating are important parts of our social lives. If you have trouble talking, it can be frustrating to go out with a group of people. You may have a hard time being understood on the phone. If you have trouble eating or drinking, it can be embarrassing to go out to eat. If your swallowing is getting worse, you may be worried about choking. Perhaps you have a cough you can't get rid of. These are all issues that speech therapy can improve or resolve completely.  

Isn't speech therapy just for kids?
Speech therapy for adults can be quite different than speech therapy for children. The types of issues are often different, and there is usually a broader range of treatment approaches. Adult speech therapy often focuses on three main areas:
  • Communication
  • Swallowing 
  • Cognition

Why should I choose Expert Speech
& Swallow Therapy? 

You don't go to see a pediatrician anymore, so why would you go see a speech therapist that specializes in children? Kids are great, but you may want help from someone who specializes in adult issues. 

I am Diane Roberts, MA, CCC-SLP, the owner of Expert Speech & Swallow Therapy. I have worked with adults exclusively for over 28 years as a speech therapist in Colorado. My career has covered a wide range of settings, from acute care hospitals, specialty hospitals (with ventilator and tracheostomy patients), subacute rehab, long-term care, home health, and outpatient clinics. After witnessing all the frustrating healthcare changes firsthand, I decided to open my own clinic. This lets me help people in a way that's more suited to their needs.
"It is important for people to know why their specific issue is happening, what it's doing, and how different treatment options can help. Understanding why is the first step in understanding what needs to be done. I am a straightforward person who approaches reality with educated optimism. I will explain things in plain language, so that we can work together to improve your issue. Let's make your life better!" - Diane
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Licensed Speech-Language

Pathologist in Colorado. 


In-network for Medicare, Medicaid, and United/Optum.   Private pay is also accepted on individual terms.  

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